We have been very sensitive to our friends on the front lines, and we have understood the special struggles that they face and endure to keep all of us safe and healthy. While talking to a few of these essential workers, we understood how difficult it was to also keep life moving smoothly at home. Making dinner was becoming increasingly difficult and they just didn’t have the extra time and energy to keep it all up on all fronts.

We talked to our friends over at Green Giant™ Fresh, as we often do, sharing that these were just real people who were especially worn down and needing something to be easier in their lives. They suggested we share with them their super convenient, super easy One Step … Done!™ potatoes to help them make a healthy meal at home. We loved the idea and gave them to these front-line workers and also a first-year elementary school teacher who was struggling between teaching students online and also caring for a newborn!

Armed with One Step … Done!™ potatoes, we let them share a slice of their lives with us through video, and here’s what they had to say! These are Real Potatoes for Real People, and the potatoes themselves are delicious, fresh potatoes grown by Green Giant™ Fresh farmers. All you have to do is pop this package in the microwave – no venting, no slits, no turning, no stopping half-way through cooking. Six minutes later you have hot, delicious, healthy potatoes that are ready to eat!

We love and appreciate our essential workers, our front line workers, value our teachers, and everyone else who is keeping us all moving forward in such strange, unnerving, and scary times. Thank you to them, and thank you to One Step … Done!™ for making everyone’s lives a little more healthy, and a little less stressed!

Originally posted at Farm Star Living.