Yellow Potatoes in the fresh market have seen rapid growth over the past few years and with that growth, the introduction of many new and exciting varieties. Like the white potato, yellows come in both round and oblong varieties. The newer varieties are characterized by their very smooth skin with few deep eyes, and a deep luxurious appearance. Some of the traditional yellow varieties have a rougher skin appearance with brownish netting and light freckling but have a deep golden buttery interior flesh that is moist and sweet. Being a slightly waxy type of potato, the yellow fleshed is very versatile lending itself to baking, mashing, roasting, or for use in casseroles and crock pots.

Yellow potato production has been growing steadily over the years and there really isn’t a “go to” area rather a lot of areas producing smaller lots. Idaho, the Red River Valley, Maine, and Colorado are some of the areas that grow the most yellows but none dominate.

The Yukon Gold variety was the pioneer variety of yellow, with the market expanding to add Yellow Finn, Klondike Goldust®, Bintje, Annabelle, and Carola.

Klondike Goldust Potatoes®

Known throughout the fresh potato industry as the very best yellow potato available, the Klondike Goldust will simply amaze you. It’s a perfect union with smooth yellow skin and vivid yellow flesh. Not to be outdone by the appearance, the dense flesh cooks to a wonderful buttery deliciousness. A silky smooth texture that has a pleasurable mouth feel clearly demonstrates that this potato has much more to offer than just fabulous looks. 

Fresh Golden Potatoes

A delicious yellow-gold inside and out, these potatoes provide a dense, creamy texture and buttery flavor perfect for lighter cooking. Yellow potatoes are described as waxy and sweet with the yellow color adding antioxidants. Yellows are the fastest growing segment of the potato category and make a nice addition to your produce offering.