Originally posted at Farm Star Living.

Potatoes stay an American favorite for both adults and kids. It might be due to all the different ways potatoes come: baked, broiled, steamed, roasted, grilled, and of course, fried! The association with fast food fries could give the allusion that potatoes are unhealthy, but potatoes are actually the number one vegetable crop in the United States loaded with nutrients.

The Harvard School of Public Health and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition both found that there isn’t any correlation between fresh potatoes and health risks. A connection to health risks only appear when potatoes are processed, frozen, and deep fried loaded with heaps of butter, cream, and cheese. Keeping your family healthy isn’t about cutting out potatoes but about choosing fresh, unprocessed vegetables and cooking them right.

A fresh potato is low in calories – a medium-sized baked potato is only about 110 calories! On top of that, you’re consuming a good source of vitamins C and B6, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, iron, and pantothenic acid. They’re also packed with phytonutrients, which are organic components of plants that promote health. Not to mention, vitamin C is an antioxidant, a substance that can prevent and delay cell damage.

In other words, eating the right potatoes can help with digestion, heart health, blood pressure, and even cancer prevention. But, researching and finding the best option on the market takes time, and that’s something parents never have enough of. It’s also why we’re bringing you right to Klondike Brands – the exclusive marketer of Green Giant™ Fresh potatoes.

Photo Courtesy of Klondike Brands

It’s an easy choice – they’re even recognized in the potato industry as having the very best yellow potato available. That means optimal nutrition and taste for you and your family. The Klondike Goldust Potatoes are perfect for anything you can think of in the kitchen, including smashing. Check out our fun and easy recipe for Buffalo Smashed Goldust® Potatoes for Parents-on-the-Go! here.

This potato is the best because of the dedication and effort Klondike Brands puts into their brand. First of all, their potatoes are all natural with absolutely nothing added and are not process in any way. They are proud to call themselves “The Healthy Potato Company!” They have a team completely devoted to improving their crop year-round, focused on aspects like disease reduction and ensuring perfect soil.

Photo Courtesy of Klondike Brands

With rigorous satisfaction checks at every stage of the potato process, you’re assured top quality potato year around. In fact, the Potandon Produce is one of the Pioneers in the produce industry when it comes to Food Safety and Quality Assurance. They staff Quality Assurance inspectors who monitor quality for all aspects of the potato. To top it all off, they have their own seeds. It’s a huge time investment, but it guarantees that only the absolute best seeds are used for their crops.

Photo Courtesy of Klondike Brands

So if part of your plan for this New Year is to make the best informed decisions about your family’s diet and health, we strongly recommend Klondike potatoes for all your potato needs! You can make a quick choice, and then get right back on the go.