You can always count on potatoes – in more ways than one! Not only are potatoes one of the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen, they are healthy powerhouses providing you with many beneficial nutrients and vitamins. In fact, just one medium potato with the skin can deliver up to 45% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C!

FARMING FACT: The potato is the most universally grown crop in the world.

Potatoes are also cholesterol free, fat free, and sodium free. And if you’re comparing potatoes to sweet potatoes…well, just keep these facts from Potato Goodness in mind:

We’ll just go ahead and let you in on our little secret – not all potatoes are grown the same. Our partners at Green Giant™ Fresh are truly the potato experts and they have been growing delicious, safe, and healthy potatoes for over 25 years! They know their stuff and they’re so good at what they do. They’ve perfected one of our favorite potato varieties, the red potato, and we hope you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Green Giant™ Fresh red potatoes are a dining classic – ruby-red on the outside and creamy white on the inside, these red potatoes have a thin skin and firm, smooth texture well suited for salads, roasting, boiling, and steaming. Because the skin is so thin, there’s no need to peel these red potatoes when using them in your favorite recipes. The flesh is truly one of the most light and creamy potatoes we’ve tried and they’re simply a premium potato.

Get to know more about these red potatoes and give our latest recipe a try that the whole family will adore (and you’ll love the extra instructions on how to repurpose leftovers!) – get the recipe for these Brown Butter & Sage Mashed Potatoes here.

Originally posted on Farm Star Living.