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As we enter into the final months of the 2023-24 crop season for your Green Giant™ Fresh potatoes, the outlook remains about the same as our June report. Larger russets (40-60 count) will be scarce, while the availability of smaller potatoes (70-100 count) expect to be stable.

The current russet crop is projected to last into August and extend into September, depending on the quality and size. Most of our growers are packing Burbank russets this time of year, while one is still in the Norkotah variety. As is typical towards the end of a season, we may encounter more quality issues due to prolonged storage. Potential concerns include Pressure Bruise, Shoulder Bruise, some Hollow Heart, and Silver Scurf.

The 2024-25 Idaho® potato russet crop is coming along well. The weather has been normal thus far, with only a few days of high heat. Most days have been average heat with the cool nights that potatoes love. An unexpected frost hit in mid-June but only a few areas were impacted hard, and the plants are recovering and doing well.

Big Varieties

Green Giant™ Fresh red and yellow potatoes out of Arizona are starting to wrap up their harvest this week, and we will have some storage crop which should take us through mid-July.  After Arizona’s season ends, we will transition to Texas starting the first week of July through August to finish our 2023-24 season. The Texas crop appears to be a good one, consistent with quality and yields.

After Texas, we will return to Idaho for the rest of the 2024 and early 2025. Idaho’s “early crop” from Western Idaho is developing well and is on time this year.  Reds should be available around the last week of July, closely followed by the yellows.

The crop has had a good growing season, so good quality and availability should be seen through mid-August on the early run.  The rest of the Idaho reds and yellows will begin to come out of the field in mid-August which will start to ramp up on total supplies to maximize availability to customers.  These Idaho varieties most likely we may have lower yields and the size profile due to frost in June. More will be known through July as the crop rebounds and tries to make up growth impacted by the frigid weather.

Mini Potato Varieties

The Green Giant™ Fresh mini potato storage crop season is also winding down and is should end by September 1st. The remaining mini gourmet reds and yellows look promising as we access our long-term bin storage. Bin storages help reduce pressure bruising that conventional storages often experience in the summer heat. There remains decent availability on all colors, including red/whites, red/yellows, purples, and golds to finish the season.

New crop Idaho mini potatoes are on schedule.  Unlike the other varieties, the frost did not seriously impact the mini potato fields.  With that said, the crop was put in the ground, and planting was completed about 2 weeks ahead of the average schedule.  This will help bolster yields and profiles this year, barring any weather-related setbacks come August.  With Idaho temperatures averaging in the 80s and 90s, the new mini crop is growing fast right now. We are seeing the vigor of a healthy starting to show promise of a great crop this year.