Potandon is not a manufacturer or retailer but nevertheless provides the following statement regarding the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act

Product Supply Chains / Suppliers 

Potandon is committed to foster responsible practices in our supply chain and to all applicable laws, and to the extent applicable, the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act.  Potandon is a potato and onion marketing and sales company.  The products we sell are supplied by farmers and growers throughout North America.  Potandon’s supply chain is subject to applicable federal, state, and county laws of the respective jurisdictions.

Supplier Audits  

Potandon reserves the right to verify our suppliers’ compliance with applicable laws regarding the use of human trafficking and slave labor.  In the event that Potandon becomes aware of any actions or conditions not in compliance with California Transparency in Supply Chain Act or other laws, Potandon reserves the right to require corrective measures.


Potandon aims to provide an example of good human rights and labor practices in all we do. As requested by our customers, Potandon requires its direct suppliers to certify that they comply with applicable federal and state laws regarding slavery and human trafficking including the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act.

Internal Accountability

Potandon was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and fair dealing.  Potandon’s employees uphold our commitment every day in their business dealings. Potandon’s Code of Ethics requires that all employees, as a condition of their employment, comply with all laws (including, to the extent applicable, the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act) and act in accordance with ethical behavior standards.  These standards exemplify Potandon’s guiding principles, define our culture, and are used in making business decisions.

Employee Training

Potandon’s Employee Manual, including the Code of Ethics, is provided to each of our employees.  Employees are required to acknowledge they have received and understand the Employee Manual.  Potandon’s managers and supervisors are trained regularly on the components of our Employee Manual and our core values.

 Potandon’s business principles will continue to evolve and adapt.  Our core values and guiding principles are unchanged, and they reflect our commitment to our employees, our suppliers, our customers, and our general concern for all people.