Award Winning Innovative Packaging

Potandon Produce

Originally posted on Potato Business.
Schur Star Systems and Potandon Produce – one of the largest potato suppliers in North America – have partnered up to offer a line of microwavable mini potatoes housed in a unique bag construction called Zip-Pop Bag that enables them to get seasoned in the bag.

Potandon Produce is marketing the new products under the “One Step…Done!” branding.

“This revolutionary bag allows you to cook quickly and easily for the entire family. The potatoes and butter puck seasoning are stored separately in a dual chamber bag. The stream strip in the bag along with the specially formulated material provides extended shelf life and is at the same time the feature that makes the bag unlike anything else on the market,” said Hans Schur, CEO at Schur Star Systems.

The new product is available in five different varieties and simplifies cooking because everything is in the bag, and neither attention nor time is required.

The package also received the Packaging Innovation Award at the 2019 CPMA Convention & Trade Show in Montreal, Canada.